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Pastoor-website-1114-029Since moving away, there are a few people who we have actually become better friends with…I know, it’s unheard of! To save myself from missing them dearly I should’ve just never continued the friendship with the Pastoors…would’ve saved me the sadness I have every time we have to say goodbye after visiting. But I’m so grateful that I don’t get to miss out completely on this family’s life!

I assisted in shooting Colleen and Shane’s wedding long ago when we lived in Kamloops and then became better friends throughout the years-them coming to visit us in the sticks as well as camping half way between our towns when our kids were just babies and they didn’t have any yet. I practically cry every time we receive snail mail from them and we make sure to schedule visits every time we are in town. And now Colleen and I are on the phone weekly discussing business plans and sharing what creative thoughts we have had from the week.

Last year I had the honour of documenting their pregnancy with these two little pip-squeaks and now I get to document their family when we get together. Colleen and I are often on the same page with our visions and I was so happy that her and Shane had discussed a completely lifestyle session and I of course, settled right in as a visitor(making coffee) with a camera. Their house is full of awesome DIY creativity since Colleen is the talented lifestyle blogger of Lemon Thistle and with these two adorable littles the smiles are many and giggles fill the house. It is simply lovely to spend any little bit of time with this family that I can and I treasure being able to be the one to document how beautiful their life is-no staged smiles-just them.

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