Meet Troi

This is me!  The face behind Troi Crombie Photography.

But of course this pursuit is a team effort.  And my team members are really the ones who should get the praise.  I am blessed abundantly with a supportive husband (business advisor and second shooter) and two gorgeous children!  They are the ones that keep me going.  It is their support which enables me to work creatively to support them.  It’s a really great system!  But since I will be the one getting to know you, this is a little about me:

I grew up in a small town, moved to the city, and then back to a small town. The small towns suit me, I guess.

I started my family young instead of traveling.  And now I have the traveling bug!  It’s more fun with kids anyway.

We love coffee- roasting, grinding, and drinking it has become a small obsession in our household.

We are dreamers…our future plans have so far included many ideas: traveling, traveling on a sailboat, traveling in a VW van, buying houses in other countries, homeschooling our children, and most recently, living on a houseboat.

Meet Troi

Photo by Dani K. Johnson