Lorien | Crowsnest Pass Portraiture

Every woman should know how beautiful they are! Maybe we ‘know’ to an extent because perhaps we are some of the lucky ones who get told at the end of the day by our wonderful husbands. But, most of the time, whilst cleaning, organizing, wiping this or that, cooking, and asking ‘What is on you?’ while wiping some more, we don’t feel it.

This is my sister-in-law. She is truly beautiful! And what is beauty? Her selfless, loving, and caring heart. I wanted her to feel beautiful. I wanted her reaction of  ‘is that me?’ when she first looked at these photos. I wanted what she truly is to be reflected for us to see.

Thank you to Amanda Samuel and Jennifer Hawkins-my creative team for this session. I had a certain vision for Lorien that just seemed to fit her and once I had decided about the unique location and a custom look including hair, makeup, and wardrobe, the girls helped me pull it all together.

Of course I know that beauty isn’t hair, makeup, pretty jewellery, a great outfit and….gorgeous lighting. But, we’re women and it’s fun! We have every right to have a little fun and in the process, let this woman see what we all already know about her.


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