Kris & Grace | Crowsnest Pass Engagement

I love meeting a couple for the first time and having the feeling afterwards that I am a good match to document their wedding day. These two are such a fun, easy-going couple that compliment each other so great!

For everyone of my wedding couples, I schedule an engagement or ‘get-to-know-you’ session just to spend an hour or so together hanging out. This lets them see how I shoot and direct my shots and it lets me know a lot about them. One thing that helps me is to know whether they like to be directed for each shot or if they would rather do their own thing and I just document. After spending some time with these two I discovered that 1. They are adventurous and up for almost anything(which photographers always love) and 2. They are awesome at taking direction and so adorable when they are interacting-there are times when I didn’t have to say anything at all. I am so looking forward to their wedding!!


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