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“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”

Audrey Hepburn

jenn-uniquelyyou-2For the female readers, and particularly the ones who are mothers – I identify with you. I feel the strain of the balance you all try to keep and I know that you might even laugh at the thought of finding a day, or even an hour, just for you. I don’t mean to minimize the value of women without children, but moms, I can relate to…and moms who work and volunteer outside of the home, even more so.  I’m writing to you as that same ‘professional’, and as a friend to many of these amazing ladies.

Thing is…that ‘beautiful’ part – I know that many of you don’t currently feel that way. But don’t you deserve to? Didn’t God create us beautiful!? And in every, and all of our belly growing and shrinking states? Yes! You are beautiful because you are kind, and loving, and smart, and funny, and selfless.  Your body is beautiful because it is strong, healthy, and miraculously able to birth gorgeous babies; NOT because it is [or isn’t] the ideal shape or size.

I believe firmly that you should be celebrated – you are worthy of being in front of the camera.

Why do I say that? Because I feel that you need to hear it – you don’t need to move away from that camera. You need to smile something fierce and let your eyes show your beauty that has come from years of moments of pain, joy, and love. I am saying this because I know that as soon as children come along, they become the ones in front of the camera. I know you want to remember all of their stages and freeze that memory but what about something for them to remember you!?

Complete truth: I sometimes do shy away from the camera BUT I treasure certain images of myself…without sounding too conceited. I can think of a few images from throughout the years that I feel truly beautiful in and I really do treasure those. I want my children to see beautiful photographs of me at every size and stage in my life, with and without makeup. I want to teach them that beauty is not skin-deep. I want them to see self-confidence in those photos and know that their mom wasn’t afraid to capture her flaws along with her virtues.

Having a background in cosmetics has been a catalyst in making these ‘Uniquely You’ sessions happen. I love au natural skin as well but I love pampering women and making them feel great with a little makeup and maybe a few curls. Since each of these sessions are completely unique to each client, the amount of makeup depends on the comfort of each woman. Clothing choices, favorite locations, and anything that could be included (ie. Musical instrument) are items discussed during our consultation. My goal is to make sure my client feels comfortable, confident, unique and most importantly, has fun.

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. ~ Proverbs 31:25

This is my friend Jenn. She is a wife, and a mom of 3 gorgeous, and active, children. For the last year, she has been finishing a practicum to complete her master’s degree in counselling and she also runs her own photography business. There is not many hours left at the end of the week for a social coffee, or a run and she is always the one behind the camera so…we celebrated her!!

Jenn is a bit of a fashionista so this session was makeup and wardrobe focused but for another friend, the adventure was the focus and her session involved absolutely no makeup, no hair fussing, and her every day clothing choice…no two sessions are the same..because no two women are the same.

For this particular session, we choose items for Jenn out of her own closet. Items that she doesn’t often get to wear and that haven’t previously been paired together to create something edgy.  We chose fun locations that were secluded to ensure our privacy.  Our goal for her makeup look was to be light enough so as not to become the focus of the photograph but since Jenn normally wears makeup, she felt comfortable having it for the photographs. I kept Jenn moving within the location to to keep things flowing, with breaks between to touch up makeup, get warm, and do a wardrobe change. We had a lot of laughs and every part of me loved creating these images of a woman as stunning in beauty as she truly is in character.

“As a mom who is always on the go, thinking of house chores, dinner, sports and making sure that everyone is accounted for, it leaves little time for yourself! It felt so good to be pampered and to play dress up! I felt so beautiful, and so appreciated! “ ~Jenn

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The Best of 2015

2015 – Adventure, Love, Friendship, Family, Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello…regular things that happen in regular people’s lives. It’s been good – we’ve been challenged, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried. Sometimes I pinch myself and other days I wonder why I need to feel so deeply.

Through all we’ve faced, I’m always thankful. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again – my clients really are the best! These are some of my favourites from this year – Thank you – I’ve loved exploring with you! 



Online Store Launch, Giveaway, and Freebie

postcard -0315-001

Do you love snail mail!? Who doesn’t, right! One of my besties from back home – amazing DIY’er and blogger of Lemon Thistle, Colleen – is the very best at snail mail. The first day I received something from her in the mail, after we had moved away, I literally teared up in the post office. And after that, our whole family looked forward to seeing Colleen’s Valentines and St. Patricks Day notes, back-to-school packages and artwork from the twins.

I’ve wanted for so long now to start some type of online store … a place where friends can go to get some sweet items, and awesome things that I’ve been hoarding in my studio, even if they haven’t had the chance to be behind my camera. Since Colleen has inspired me(in so many ways) to be better at sending encouraging love notes, I decided I should create some postcards…and so these are the very first[and only for now] item available on my online store!! One thing that would only make these postcards better is to collaborate with a friend…because it gives us just one more opportunity to be on the phone with each other every week. One other thing [on the long list of things] that Colleen is really really good at is hand lettering and so together we have created these postcards! All of them have a unique Troi Crombie Image, gorgeous Colleen Pastoor lettering and of course amazing style like the both of us. The postcard packs, with adorable stickers as bonus, are available for purchase for $17.

Today Colleen and I are giving away two postcard packs as well as a free printable….on each site! So hop on over to Lemon Thistle to find one more lovely postcard freebie.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope this has put an extra smile on your face this Easter Monday! I’ve loved collaborating with Colleen and we’re hoping there are many other fun Lemon Thistle/Troi Crombie items in the store in days to come. Contact us if you have a request! Love this!? Let us know below!



Pastoors | Kamloops Family Photographer

Pastoor-website-1114-029Since moving away, there are a few people who we have actually become better friends with…I know, it’s unheard of! To save myself from missing them dearly I should’ve just never continued the friendship with the Pastoors…would’ve saved me the sadness I have every time we have to say goodbye after visiting. But I’m so grateful that I don’t get to miss out completely on this family’s life!

I assisted in shooting Colleen and Shane’s wedding long ago when we lived in Kamloops and then became better friends throughout the years-them coming to visit us in the sticks as well as camping half way between our towns when our kids were just babies and they didn’t have any yet. I practically cry every time we receive snail mail from them and we make sure to schedule visits every time we are in town. And now Colleen and I are on the phone weekly discussing business plans and sharing what creative thoughts we have had from the week.

Last year I had the honour of documenting their pregnancy with these two little pip-squeaks and now I get to document their family when we get together. Colleen and I are often on the same page with our visions and I was so happy that her and Shane had discussed a completely lifestyle session and I of course, settled right in as a visitor(making coffee) with a camera. Their house is full of awesome DIY creativity since Colleen is the talented lifestyle blogger of Lemon Thistle and with these two adorable littles the smiles are many and giggles fill the house. It is simply lovely to spend any little bit of time with this family that I can and I treasure being able to be the one to document how beautiful their life is-no staged smiles-just them.

pastoor-1 Pastoor-website-1114-003pastoor-2Pastoor-website-1114-006Pastoor-website-1114-008pastoor-6Pastoor-website-1114-016pastoor-4Pastoor-website-1114-014pastoor-5Pastoor-website-1114-019pastoor-7Pastoor-website-1114-022pastoor-9Pastoor-website-1114-028pastoor-10Pastoor-website-1114-025Pastoor-website-1114-024Pastoor-website-1114-030Pastoor-website-1114-031Pastoor-website-1114-032 Pastoor-website-1114-034 pastoor-11 Pastoor-website-1114-017Pastoor-website-1114-038pastoor-12Pastoor-website-1114-039


Best of 2014

2014 was an incredible year for us-our home and our business. We have seen God’s blessing in every part of our lives and have discovered the joy in recognizing them every day.

This business and my wonderful clients is one of those blessings. Most of you know that this photography thing is emotional for me-I build relationships with my clients and cherish seeing them every year. I get excited to photograph you, enjoy laughing with you, and smile at the images on my screen before delivering them. My goal every time is to create an image that will make you smile every time you see it and to create artwork for your walls. I wait in anticipation after letting you know that your gallery is ready to hear ‘We absolutely love them’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘That image made me cry’.

Most of you know this. For some of you who don’t, I’m sure you’ve been enlightened. Thank you to all of you who make my job so special-I have the best clients.

These are some of my favourites from this year. I apologize for the post being so long but this was even after cutting some of the others. I tried to pull my favourite from each session and our life but simply had so many wonderful sessions and lovely experiences this year that the post would have just been never ending. I am so glad to have the issue of having too many beautiful faces and images to feature!! Thank you for a great year!