Wibergs | Kamloops Family Lifestyle Session

I first met Kendra while working together at my first(and only) office job. She was cheerful-always smiling and happy, she was smart, she was fit, and she had a better job than me. She rubbed me the wrong way. Then she rubbed off on me and I started to like her. Her smile and laughter was contagious and because she liked to talk, we had good conversations. We both left our seasonal jobs and stayed in touch. We watched each others family’s grow and our lunches and coffee dates turned into play dates, walks and visits at the park.

I moved away and we chatted and seen each other less frequently but we still stayed friends and facebook kept us in the know about each other. Well earlier on in this year facebook let me know that Kendra had been diagnosed, for the second time, with cancer. This time, a rare form and non-curative. My heart broke but I haven’t lost hope.

During this visit, we got to chat and our kids got a chance to play. I had the chance to just get some photos of their real life-a beautiful one full of love and laughter, hope and strength.

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